Pyrography is not an easy job - it needs a lot (I mean really) of patience, but I recommend everyone to give it a try. It’s not expensive, you could start with budget lower than 20-40 USD. 


Cannot draw a line? Does not matter.

I draw since the childhood, so I am not using pencil before burning graphics, going immediately with burning pen. However, in case you feel it would be hard, you can take a pencil and sketch the silhouette on the wood and then burn it with pen. If you cannot draw at all, you can still give it a try - many pyrographers do the same - take the picture, print it and use a carbon paper, so you reproduce silhouette on the paper. 



I mentioned this in above paragraph, but this is actually the most important advice every professional pyrographer gives you. Do not over-burn the wood, start with almost no visible lines (do it fast and barely touching the wood) and add layers. The last thing you could do is actually pushing the pen against the wood, so the lines look like this. 


Example - how NOT to do it


Professional pen


Obviously ;-) You can try burning even on hard paper or leather, the same pen can be used. I use standard or plywood wood which you can buy everywhere. I recommend poplar, birch or basswood wood. It is IMPORTANT to understand that you can burn only and only on rough wood without any treating like painting or varnishing since burning releases dangerous chemicals in the air.


Work space

Room with the door and window. I work at home in separate room, but if I burn some bigger area to completely dark burned colour, it sometimes smells everywhere in the house. My wife loves it as you could imagine.

Fan, Soldering fume extractor or Mask

Well, this is most important part. You burn wood, it releases smoke and you should not breath it – there is not that much smoke, but if you burn for few hours, imagine what it could do to your body. For first try, you can do it without any fan or mask, but if you want to continue, I highly recommend face mask which you can buy at any work shop (ask for mask that filter smoke, not just dust!), buy small fan which blows smoke away from your face or buy soldering fume extractor (opposite way than fan, smoke goes through filter)


Leather glove

Well, I cannot count how many times I’ve burned my fingers. Burning pen is pretty hot, even if you do not touch hot metal parts, sometimes it is hotter everywhere. Have it prepared if pen is too hot for you to hold it. 


I hope it helps you little bit and you won't be afraid to try this amazing method, if you are still struggling with anything, feel free to contact me. 

Instead, you want to create almost no visible layers and add one by one. Like this.


Burning pen

You can buy your first burning pen for 12 USD, search Google and look for “pyrography pen”. I recommend not investing much, buy cheapest one and if you like this technique, then buy more expensive. Anyway, the pen should offer more pins that you can change, and I highly recommend pen that can have controlled heat, so you could decrease/increase the power of heating. If you don’t have controller of heating, than I used blowing my breath on the pen when I wanted to decrease the power, it works pretty well. 

Low cost pen